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So through Luke’s spiritual endeavours either It be psychics shows ,spiritual workshops, and or personal readings , as much as it is personal possible, it is Luke’s divine soul mission and focus to help those where in can in a private capacity , this will include donating to homeless charities and charities of Luke’s choosing, assisting individual souls directly, for example, food assistance, items of personal needs like toiletries and clothing, providing sleeping bags where he can for those sleeping rough to homeless charities, in which he recently has been able to start however only in a small way , in due course he will ask permission from any charity he helps to be able to mention at times on his website what he’s been able to donate to them , anything that he directly helps a dear soul in need , in the very near future he will post some pictures of the assistance he has given to any individual soul as this is direct assistance from Luke himself, please remember that this is in a private capacity through his private foundation.
Luke would like to remind all that reads this , in his spiritual beliefs and understandings through his spiritual abilities, he would like to take the opportunity to let you know that, we all are one , created by the divine creator of this universe, and where at all possible even if only in a small way , if you can help another soul and may at some point in your life may a return positive blessings be blessed upon you .
So at times you will see Luke’s journey through pictures and even small stories when he has been able to bless others souls through he Divine Soul Foundation (Private Foundation)
If anyone ever feels the that they would like to make a private donation with or without engaging in a personal appointment or a show or attending workshops, you are most welcome to contact Luke and Luke’s team to make a private donation in a private capacity, please not this of course is not a public foundation and you would be doing it from your heart , so keep an eye out for any updates in due course with Luke assisting others souls in need , however the divine creator directs Luke to do so .
Thank you for reading and I hope that you wish myself much success with this heartfelt journey.
Thank you 
With love and light to all in this world 
Luke Patrick- Head and founding volunteer

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