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This all began as just a thought many years ago , Luke as always wanted to help others in more than just providing messages and predictions to people when there paths cross , being a spiritual soul , it is Lukes deep belief that there is other ways to also provide spiritual support and healing to others in need of any kind , others that are in genuine need of hope , spiritual encouragement and enlightenment and overall assistance in there lives .

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At Divine Soul Foundation we assume that an individual can determine the direction of their life based on their own strengths, abilities, networks and choices to meet their goals at any stage in their life. The person requesting or requiring support is the driver, rather than the organisation providing the support. Luke has Appeared on psychic tv (Aura channel) Had a question and answers column in the Maitland mercury newspaper in 2015 and also regular articles Have been a guest on radio stations around the country in many locations .

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