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Luke started this foundation as he wishes to make a difference as much as he can to people with his spiritual psychic medium abilities, Luke feels quite strongly about helping people where he is able to do , he has a passion for helping people , he has only started to undertake his spiritual gifts again due to wishing to help people awaken to spiritual enlightenment, knowledge and the evidential communication to spirit .
Luke’s spirit guides wanted him to be different to many of the other psychics out there , due to Lukes gentle and giving nature, and as much as possible through Luke’s events and readings , luke has donated to homeless charities and to even individuals on the streets who have asked for meals or drinks , through Lukes own personal experiences he has experienced circumstances in his life where he has realised we are all one . He has his sights set on providing sleeping bags for the homeless, personal needs like clothing and shoes , and food donations to already existing homeless charities dontions direct to individuals as well , he believes it just isn’t about about just doing shows and readings and workshops for people, but it’s about making a difference in others lives wherever he is able to do , Luke is only an individual and can only endeavour to do the best that he can for his private foundation to help individuals and charities through his spiritual gifts , so that is the reason why his readings are by donations , it’s is Luke’s sincere hope that one day more spiritual inclined people will do what they can to make this world a better place .
As the foundation grows over time it is hoped more good will be done where it can and for  whomever it can be done for with the best of good intentions and deeds to mankind , thank you all for reading 
Please note – this is Luke’s  private foundation and all his endeavours to assist charities and individuals are in a private capacity , through his spiritual and psychic gifts and when you make a booking to his spiritual offerings please be aware that ( you are not making a public donation at all but to Luke individually to his private foundation, thank you and God bless you all .

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